Buffed Leather Range

Bovine Aniline Buffed | The top surface is removed by abrasion to create nap.  This creates a 2 tone (colour), where the abrassed areas are lighter in colour. The leather has a soft velvet look and touch to it, which defines absolute class and comfort.

Substance | 1.2/1.4mm; Average size per hide: 3.8m2
Suitable | Furniture, handbags, wallets, accessories, etc.


Classic Leather Range

Aniline leathers bring out the true beauty of leather where translucent Finishes are applied to achieve the very natural appearance of the hide. This leather will age beautifully and develop character. The Classic range is smooth and luscious with a sophisticated appeal.

Substance | 1.0/1.2mm; Average size per hide: 4m2
Suitable | Furniture, shoes, handbags, wallets, accessories, etc.


Corrected Grain Leather Range

Bovine Corrected and Semi Corrected Grain Pigmented | Santos is a corrected grain and has been a standard for many years as a no fuss leather that is suitable to be used in high traffic areas. The finish is tough and has easy care properties. This leather is recommended when considering upholstering in light leather colours. Impala, which is a semi corrected grain, has the touch and appearance of a full grain leather. The waxy top lacquer gives a mellow luxurious feel while offering good cutting value.

Substance | 1.0/1.2mm; Average size per hide: 4m2
Suitable | Furniture, vehicle interior, shoes, handbags, wallets, accessories, etc.


Daytona Leather Range

Bovine Aniline Distressed | Leather has especially been formulated to achieve a classic vintage appeal. Leather is dyed in 2 colours; one over another (usually darker over lighter) so as to give it rich highlights and the aged appearance. The character of the leather makes an uncanny impression in any surrounding.

Substance | 1.0/1.2mm; Average size per hide: 4m2
Suitable | Furniture, vehicle interior, shoes, handbags, wallets, accessories, etc.


Diesel Leather Range

Diesel is an aniline effect leather | Buffed and then coated in oil – then burned through an ironing press to achieve the effect. Once in use, the oil disperses into the hide, softening the leather from the inside out. This creates a 2 tone (colour) distress appearance with a soft velvet touch. This class of leather is deservingly one of our top sellers.

Substance | 1.2/1.4mm; Average size per side: 4m2


Gazelle Leather Range

Bovine Full Grain Semi-Aniline |  Gazelle leather is a fine full grain leather which has been the backbone of the African Gameskin range for the past 15 years. Gazelle remains a favourite with manufacturers and decorators understanding the beauty of a full grain semi aniline leather. Hides used in the manufacturing process are sourced from top South African feedlots, then tanned and finished into a luxurious silky touch waxy leather ideal for upholstery. Full Grain leather retains all of the original texture and markings on the original hide



Pull Up Leather Range

Bovine Aniline Pull Up | Pull up describes the behaviour of the leather that has been treated with oils, waxes and dyes in such a way that when the leather is pulled or stretched, the finish becomes lighter in the stretched areas. Considered a mark of high quality.



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